Meet Jennifer Strang


                    PHOTOGRAPHY + PEOPLE = FUN!

“I see photographs as a way to preserve a moment in time that otherwise would be lost or forgotten……”


Photo Credit © KDee

My photography style is clean and simple. I love working with natural lighting which I find yields the best and most natural look to the resulting images.  I love ‘catching’ the essence of fun and elicit emotions with my photos.

I specialize in Event Photography which I find is an energetic thrill because I get to shoot everything and anything in between from people to products to sceneries and it’s never the same things twice. It’s spontaneous and unpredictable which I find it very challenging but FUN at the same time.

I am a ‘people’ person.   Through my photography, I not only get to meet new people but also make connections and learn new things from one another.   You never get the same exact expression when taking photos of people so patience and timing is key in getting the shots.

Whenever possible, I volunteer my time as a photographer for local non-profit organizations. I truly believe in giving back and pay it forward.

I am very happy to be able to share my passion through my work and meeting so many wonderful people. I would be honored to be part of capturing and preserving your life’s moments and endeavor to be not just a photographer but a trusted friend.

I see work as “Play” because I love what I do.  Last but not least, “Have fun in everything you do and Life is what you make it!”