Event Photography – ‘Surprise’ Wedding Proposal Deep & Kristina False Creek 28Sep2013

I had been anxiously waiting for a long time to share these wonderful surprise photos with you all.  My client gave me the go ahead and share away!

Deep is such a sweet romantic, he had planned the surprise wedding proposal for over one month before he proposed.

His (then girlfriend) Kristina had never been on a boat/yacht before, so Deep decided to take Kristina on a boat ride around False Creek on a private yacht on a Saturday afternoon in Vancouver ‘just because’.

Deep had chosen the old Monk Restaurant as the landmark / location where he will make his proposal.

The ‘Plan’ was to have Deep’s little nieces and nephews each wear a T- shirt with a ‘word’ / ‘symbol’ on it and when they line up properly it would say: “Kristina Will You Marry Me ? ? ”

And as the yacht pull up close to the shore, Kristina will read the questions and hopefully say ‘YES’!

It called for heavy rain that day, we had kept our fingers crossed that the rain will stop.

On top of that, none of us waiting on the shore had any idea which yacht it will be and good thing Deep kept in contact  (via text of course) with his cousins as his whereabouts the entire time.

As the yacht slowly arrived, the rained stopped, everyone especially the little nieces and nephews were overly excited and it was their cue to show off their T-Shirts!

The rest was history……I think you already know the answers….as the old saying; “Pictures tell a thousand words!”

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